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Thanks to all of our great clients!

We have reached our capacity for residential projects in 2015, but dont worry!

This season we have partnered with a few select contractors who excell in thier field of expertise.

Feel free to contact us and we can connect you with a qualified contractor who will give you the same great quality product and service that is expected when working with JPL. 


It’s time to love your landscape.


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Want more than just a basic new yard?

If you have a new lot and want a yard that your neighbors will envy, you’ll want to work with us.

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Client Testimonial

We first heard the name Johnny Paycheck Landscaping in 2007 from our friend Dennis. He was so pleased with his new stone patio that he insisted on showing it to...
-Kinga and Voytek

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Trees and Shrubs
Trees and Shrubs add privacy, shade, color and personality to your yard. There are many great options and planting suggestions are always available.

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